Read what my clients say about me…

I started seeing Cassandra as a Life Coach because I literally felt stuck and did not see myself
growing personally or professionally. I had dreams I was not sure how to fulfill, bills I could not
pay, and no vision of what my life could be in the future. Cassandra immediately centered my
thinking. She assured me that moving forward was God’s will and that this situation was
temporary. She reviewed every area in my life where I needed help and we came up with a
plan. I felt the impact of her coaching immediately. After the first meeting, I gained confidence,
had more clarity in what I needed to do and knew she was the vehicle in which God was going to
use to change my life!

After more than 4 years of coaching with Cassandra, my life has taken a 360 degree turn. The
goals I initially set for myself were achieved faster than I thought possible. I am happily on a
budget, pay my bills when they are due, have increased my credit score to the excellent range
and have a vision for my future. I am a confident woman who now has the tools to face any

As a Life Coach, Cassandra has been my accountability partner, my mentor and friend.  She
knew the right words to get me motivated and encouraged me when I faltered. In other words,
she is fantastic! So if any of the above sounds familiar to you or someone you know, then I
would highly recommend getting in contact with Cassandra. Her years of knowledge and
experience are tailored made to change your life!
~ L. Moore

Many are called, but few are chosen. You have been chosen to help people in difficult situations on their journey in life. You have been called. You helped me with DivorceCare. I am much better and not bitter. It’s still a process of healing and wholeness, but I am glad that God connected me to you. I most definitely will use your services, as well as, share with others.

My prayer is that you are empowered to be all that God has created you to be. He has empowered you to overcome every detour, road block and obstacle. He will make successful your ways because life gets better for you today. Prosper!!!
~ S. Hayes